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Technology Education

TEKids designs and delivers unique learning opportunities that open windows of imagination
while fostering the belief that the sky is not the limit to one’s dreams.

Students and Parents LOVE TEKids

“Since joining TEKids, our son has been able to translate his learning experiences into academic success.
It has also broadened his interests in STEM, and specifically, technology.”
– C. P.

Our Mission

TEKids bridges education and community through technology, inspiring youth to explore, create, and connect.

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Your generous sponsorship dollars provide the opportunity for elementary-aged children of our community to engage in project-based learning which results in STEAM literacy.

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We provide everything a school needs to implement the program including computers, professional development training, high-tech kits, access to online courseware, and in-class support.

Class Sign Ups

Throughout our action-packed TEKids session, students accelerate learning and move beyond concepts to create visible, tangible results.

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TEKids students learn to successfully analyze and create innovative solutions to real-world challenges. We teach STEM concepts including rocketry, binary number system, circuitry, microprocessor programming, web programming, mobile technology, GIS, renewable energy, marine ecosystem data mining, and assistive technology devices. All of our programs incorporate our cutting-edge hardware (netbooks and Apple iPads) as well as advanced software tools for simulation, 3D modeling, and educational apps.


TEKids takes a unique educational approach in designing and delivering learning opportunities by partnering with organizations across the globe to provide our students with real-world insights. TEKids students engage in hands-on, experiential learning to create both basic and advanced STEM literacy along with project-focused programs to delve into analytical research and specific problem solving. Our students create solutions throughout the program culminating in a community demonstration event.


Throughout the action-packed TEKids session, students accelerate learning and move beyond concepts to create visible, tangible results. By presenting findings in a culmination event, students gain a higher level of confidence, demonstrate broadened skill sets, and internalize career aspirations in STEM fields.

By introducing advanced technology concepts now, TEKids prepares students to compete and lead in the modern world.

Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to be exposed to so many new technologies. This program has really given her a new found interest in technology.
A. N. (Parent)

Thank you for TEKids this fall. My son thoroughly enjoyed the program and we all really enjoyed watching the kids launch their rockets!
K. M. (Parent)

I wanted to say Thank You for taking the time out to run the program. I know my son really enjoyed it! He learned some cool new things too!
J. B. (Parent)

This is exactly the kind of thing that gets my son excited. He came home and taught me about technology that I had no idea existed! And he can’t wait for the next semester!
L. F. (Parent)

Blog Entry: Today we learned about python coding.Some of the commands we used were,ls for list,cd for change directory and last but not least control+c for closing a program you started.The sensor we worked on today was the LED light sensor.We got to type in a command that made our LED light start blinking.Then to close the program for later we typed in control+c.We learned so much about the science airbots today i do not even know were to end.

Student, Elementary School

Blog Entry: Thank you letting our class use the airbot! I love it. I learn so much with Mr. Kieffer. We learn about coding and how to get the lightBob light up.We learn different parts about of the computer. I have some questions for you. Why did you pick us to do the airbot? Why do we need to do coding? I learn so much today. Now want to do a big invention.

Student, Elementary School