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As a seamless and fluid supplement to school curriculum, TEKids students develop the skills, knowledge, and perspective to understand the multifaceted nature of the STEM disciplines. Through project-based curriculum, students move beyond basic concepts and work on solving real-world problems. As a full-service offering, TEKids after-school enrichment programs can be implemented in any school. We provide materials, computers, iPads, and teaching resources to TEKids Partner Schools.

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Through generous support from organizations, businesses, and individuals, outreach efforts to children and schools are made possible to ensure that every child has the opportunity to explore, create, and achieve. TEKids offers a unique educational experience that is geared both to the students’ abilities and their love of learning. Our sponsors are dedicated to advancing our youth to be leaders.

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At TEKids, we work hard to seek out organizations that have expertise specifically aligned with our innovative STEM curriculum objectives and who — like us — are committed to educating our youth. We are developing local, regional, and national initiatives to provide a life-long learning opportunities. By partnering with TEKids, industry leaders can invest in our programs that improve the education level in West Virginia and builds a pipeline of STEM professionals that will increase the economic development of our state.

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TEKids offers internships to college and graduate level students who are passionate about technology education for our youth. Interns will gain valuable experience with cutting edge hardware as well as advanced software tools for simulation, 3D modeling, mobile technology, GIS, web programming, cloud computing, and educational apps. Along with the experience of learning and working with industry professionals and educators, TEKids Interns have also received employment opportunities as a direct result of their involvement with TEKids.

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TEKids targeted preparation trains TEKids Partner Teachers to become highly-effective STEM educators. Increased STEM coursework and practice-based preparation increase the quality and quantity of STEM educators in WV to ensure that all students have access to high-quality teaching. With the rapid growth TEKids is currently experiencing, we currently have positions open for both Certified Teachers to serve in either Lead Teaching or Assistant Teaching roles.

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