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About TEKids

Our Mission, Our Vision, Who We Are, and What We Do

Our Mission

TEKids bridges education and community through technology, inspiring youth to explore, create, and connect.

Our Vision

TEKids designs and delivers unique learning opportunities that open windows of imagination while fostering the belief that the sky is not the limit to one’s dreams.

What We Do

As a full-service offering, we work with schools and the community to bring our innovative curriculum, teachers, and technology to the classroom. TEKids offerings integrate national and state-specific standards with immersion into hands-on problem-solving, experimentation, and technology exploration.

Who We Are

We are comprised of certified teachers, committed volunteers, and working professionals in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) industries actively collaborating with community schools, businesses, and organizations to instill skills and ignite imagination in the next generation.

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Founding Sponsor

Support TEKids

Your generous sponsorship dollars provide the opportunity for elementary-aged children of our community to engage in project-based learning which results in STEM literacy and a greater awareness of West Virginia’s businesses and organizations.