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How To Become A TEKids School

Steps, Inquiry Form, Benefits, and FAQ

Steps to Become a TEKids School

Step 1

Express your interest in becoming a TEKids school in the form on this page.

Step 2

Once we receive your request, a TEKids team member will contact you to help guide you through the next steps

Step 3

Select two or more teachers to lead the program in your school

Step 4

Lead teachers participate in TEKids professional development program in the summer

Step 5

Set up classrooms for success through coordination with TEKids staff for delivery of materials and onsite or telecommuting support

Step 6

Distribute information for online enrollment in your school

Step 7

Conduct 8-week in-school or afterschool program

Step 8

Sustain the program after implementation by developing a community of practice

TEKids School Inquiry Form

    Partner School Benefits

    Schools and Teachers

    TEKids provides almost everything needed in order to incorporate the program into your school. TEKids schools will receive the following components:

    • High-tech project kits for students as well as access to online courseware and assessments
    • Targeted curriculum training workshops and preparation programs in the summer to educate and train teachers
    • In-class support through on-site and telelearning channels to assist in content and project delivery and to inspire students through STEM experts participation in the learning environment
    • Student projects can be utilized throughout the year to conduct science and technology experiments


    TEKids students engage in hands-on, experiential learning through a combination of real world challenges, technology tools and applications, and an interdisciplinary approach to advance the next generation into higher-levels of education and immerse youth into a broad range of careers. At the end of the workshop, TEKids students test and present their own solutions at a community demonstration event.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does the TEKids program cost?
    There is no direct cost for the TEKids program. The program fee for the afterschool program is $70 which meets once a week for two hours. TEKids invites any child to enroll regardless of their financial situation and offers scholarships for children to participate in the program.
    Who delivers the program?
    Two or more lead teachers from each school will participate in a professional development training course which consists of two days in June and three days in August. In August, lead teachers will coordinate with TEKids staff for delivery of hardware and flyers with online application information for students. Students will apply online in September, and the program will begin in October.
    What does the TEKids program include?
    Everything a school needs to implement the program including computers, professional development training, high-tech kits, access to online courseware, and in-class support.
    What class will the TEKids program teach?
    Each year TEKids designs and implements a new STEM community curriculum in which teachers can learn in the summer and implement in their classrooms or afterschool programs.
    Are there any site requirements?
    A classroom with table and chairs where students will meet once a week for two hours in the eight-week session. Approval from the principal of your school to meet in the classroom, and two lead teachers for a class of twenty students.
    Do lead teachers need prior computer science experience?
    Becoming a TEKids lead teacher is a rewarding experience, and no prior computer science skills are needed. All STEM concepts and activities will be covered in the professional development training course.
    Where do I sign up to become a TEKids school?
    Express your interest via the form on this page.