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Our Two-fold Mission:
TEKids teaches K-12 students technology skills through a project-based curriculum.

Our Vision:

TEKids vision is to provide educational opportunities for children that open windows of imagination and the belief that even the sky is not the limit to their dreams.

Children gain an introduction to Internet history and architecture, design principles and computer programming for creating websites, the physics of rocketry, modeling engineering concepts and software, and iPad educational and productivity applications.

TEKids implements an inquiry-based learning model which engages critical thinking and reasoning skills as children research, test, and discover answers to real-world problems. Technology, science, math, and language arts are the tools our scientists will utilize in order to engineer their very own solutions.

Certified teachers, field experts, and volunteers are part of the TEKids team and will teach field-specific areas across an integrated curriculum.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Click for TEKids Rocket Launch Results and Rocket Science Websites!

TEKids Rocket Launch – Fall 2012